Code of Conduct

Members of OASPA are expected to adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct adopted by the Board:

  • Members should not indulge in any practices or activities that could bring the Association or open access publishing into disrepute;
  • Company contact information shall be clearly visible on the web site;
  • All articles or books shall be subjected to some form of peer-based review process. This process and policies related to peer review shall be clearly outlined on the journal or publisher web site;
  • Journals shall have editorial boards or other governing bodies whose members are recognized experts in the field(s) that constitute the scope of the journal;
  • Any fees or charges related to publishing materials in the journal or for publishing books shall be clearly stated and be easy to find for potential authors;
  • Any direct marketing activities publishers engage in shall be appropriate and unobtrusive;
  • An organization’s journal or book licensing policy (including policy on re-use and redistribution) shall be clearly stated and visible on the web site;
  • Instructions to authors shall be available and easily located from the journal homepage;
  • The member’s website demonstrates that care has been taken to ensure high standards of presentation;
  • Misconduct may be reported to the Board of Directors.

In some cases we might contact editorial board members and/or authors during the membership application review process to determine whether content and editorial practices are rigorous.

This Code of Conduct is regularly reviewed and revised by the OASPA Board, to ensure consistent high standards in OA publishing.