Member Record: Frontiers

Title Frontiers
Class Professional OA Publisher (Large)
Owner Privately owned
Address EPFL Innovation Square
building I, Lausanne
Copyright link
Copyright policy Authors retain copyright to their articles. All articles are distributed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license.
Complaint email
Complaint policy No specific policy on complaints
Publication charge link
Publication charge policy Authors who demonstrate their inability to bear the publication costs may apply for a Frontiers publishing grant, which may cover all or part of the article publishing fees.
OA journals 52 journals (as of May 2015)
OA articles 32,500 (as of May 2015)
Peer review policy
Frontiers peer review makes use of an interactive review forum where authors, reviewers and editors interact in real time. Reviewers’ names are disclosed on published articles. Reviewers and editors must reach consensus for final decision.